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    specializes in personalized seminars and customized training materials for organizations of all types and sizes. Each and every product offered by Acorn’s End is designed to allow organizations to reach their maximum potential.

    Acorn’s End is also one of the premiere leaders in the home care industry and offers consulting engagements and valuable products to help today’s home care professionals deal with the challenging nature of the health care industry.

    For the last ten years, Acorn’s End has been supplying organizations with enthusiastic presentations and informative audiotapes, videos and training materials and manuals. Regardless of the needs of your company, Acorn’s End has the perfect solution for your organization.




    Keynotes & Seminars

    Photo of a woman in Minnesota presenting a Seminar and Keynote on Business Development, Leadership and Employee Development, and Personal DevelopmentAcorns End offers general keynotes and seminars for all types of organizations while specializing in industry specific keynotes and seminars for the home care field... learn more»

    Health Care Consulting & Training

    Photo of a professional home health care worker in Minnesota receiving training and consulting from Acorn's EndAcorn’s End offers many different types of consulting and training programs for home care based organizations. In addition, Acorn’s End has also developed seminars specific to the home care industry... learn more»


    Photo of an instructor in Minnesota showing home health care training videos, dvds, manuals, and toolsAcorn's End offers numerous products including videos, manuals and tools designed for home health care... learn more»


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    On-Line Video preview about home health care consulting in Minnesota Boundaries & You
    On-Line Video preview of HIPAA Privacy Primer HIPAA Privacy Primer

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